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salone de mask type-B【50枚入り】カバータイプ



※マスクはご自身のマスクをご使用ください。  本製品はマスクカバーとなります。 salone de maskは、紐の代わりに皮膚にやさしい医療用両面テープで顔に固定して着用します。type-Bは、より安心・安全にサービスを受けたいお客さま向けに、お客さまがご自身のマスクをはめて着用いただけるカバータイプです。薄い不織布でつくられたカバーにマスクをはめれば、紐なしで着用いただけます。type-Aと同様にフリーサイズで着用いただけますが、お子様は人によっては大きい場合があります。 素材:不織布(シール素材:医療用両面テープ) サイズ:H150mm×W180mm 枚数:50枚入り ※大量注文の場合はお問い合わせより別途ご相談ください。 製造国:日本 お届け時期:約1週間 ※本品は使い切り製品です。洗濯などによる再使用はできません。 ※マスクカバーは、感染(侵入)を完全に防ぐものではありません。 ※送料には梱包費が含まれています。 salone de mask type-B (50pack) * Please note that this product is a mask cover. Customers must use their own masks in order to use this product. salone de mask uses double-sided medical tape which is nice on the skin instead of ear bands keeping the mask in place. Our type-B masks are more tailored towards our customers who prefer a safer and reassuring experience by allowing them to use their own masks and adding our cover-type mask for extra protection. If the customer’s own mask is placed inside our mask cover which is made out of thin non-woven cloth, they are able to wear their mask without the ear-bands. As with our type-A masks, our type-B masks are freesize however they may be too big for some children depending on the child. Fabric: Non-woven cloth, Double-sided medical tape Size: H150mm x W180mm Quantity: 50pack * Please contact and consult us separately if you would like to bulk buy our product. Production country: Japan Delivery time: Dispatch depends on rate of production (estimated the end of June) * This product is single-use. Do not wash and reuse the product. * This mask cover does not guarantee 100% prevention of transmission of contagions. * Packing fees are included in shipping fees. * Returns and exchanges are not permitted as our product is a hygiene product. * *Please click below for instructions on how to purchase our product. ↓ ↓ ↓ https://salonedemask.stores.jp/news/5f5063092742d7494b2d41e2